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Who is Spirit

19 sept chao orderer
21 September 2023

Last Sunday we started our preaching series: Who is Spirit. Although the last series in our ‘Year of the Trinity’, He is not least in importance or of a lesser nature than the Father and the Son. The eternal Father is of the same essence as the eternal Son who is of the same essence as the eternal Spirit.

At the very beginning of our time, the Spirit was present hovering over the water, ready to bring light and life and beauty into the chaos. Today, His presence remains with us, ready to bring light and life and beauty into the chaos of our lives.

Just as God gave us a vocation in being made in His image which is to live out the truths of His name as we reveal His love to the world, Jesus calls us to join in His mission of growing God’s kingdom established here on Earth, and so the Spirit too asks us to step into the transformation He is doing in our lives.  He transforms us, creating the conditions within us that enable us to flourish and glorify God. But we are called to take control of those areas, to change our destructive habits and cultivate the life-giving ones instead.

Where do you recognise that the Spirit’s transformation is needed in your life today? Invite Him into the areas in which you need new life and beauty to inhabit. What are the things you need to do to do to submit them to God’s glory? Remember though, although He is the chaos orderer, the Spirit does not move on our orders……it’s good to spend some time reflecting on where you see Him active in your life. It may not be where you first think, but will always lead us back to Jesus.


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