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Spiritual Gifts?

8 nov
9 November 2023

This Sunday, in our last in the series on the Spirit, we will focus on spiritual gifts, which are mentioned in four different places in the New Testament: Romans, 1 Corinthians 12,13,14, Ephesians 4 and 1 Peter 4. These passages spend less time describing these gifts - they assumed people knew what they were and that they were evident in the faith communities - and more on describing their purpose and on how they were exercised. Here are a few foundational thoughts to reflect on.

Firstly, spiritual gifts are relevant today and should be expected and exercised within our church communities. While some people argue that the gifts ceased to be given to the church, the writers (Paul and Peter) assumed they would continue within the life of the church until Christ’s return.

Secondly, spiritual gifts are to be used within the faith community, by the faith community, for the faith community, and as a witness to wider community. All except one gift is for the benefit of the faith community (as discerned and affirmed by the community).  Everyone has some gift to offer and ‘ministry’ to perform.

Thirdly, spiritual gifts must be exercised in love in its fullness and alongside behaviour that reflects the nature of God and his will for our relationships. All the passages above wrap their teaching about spiritual gifts between a discussion about self-sacrificial love and care for one another, and what God honouring behaviour looks like in contrast to the world.  

In the next few days, we encourage you to read the scriptures above and reflect on our own family of faith. Where are the gifts of the Spirit active and being exercised? How could we encourage spiritual gifts to serve our family of faith within an environment of love and godly behaviour?


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