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Set Apart

march 1st
1 March 2023

Set apart to be different
On Sunday we explored what it meant to be sanctified, which is another way of saying, “set apart” or
“separated” for a different purpose. The word holiness is similar but has connotations of not only
being but of behaving in a different way. Just as God separated the nation of Israel from other
nations, he also called them to choose to live differently, and gave them standards that stood in
stark contrast to the cultures of the day.
Unfortunately, humans fall short of those standards. But wonderfully, through Jesus Christ, all can
be made clean from all ‘un-rightness’ and ‘set apart’ for a different purpose - to be transformed and
able to live differently. Not simply obeying a bunch of rules, but living a life characterized by peace,
love, generosity, self-control, forgiveness, and by being healers not hurters.
Unfortunately, being different has two potential risks. Firstly, we think that because we are set apart
that we are somehow better than others. This is not true. By God’s choice we have been set apart.
But it is to be his vessels so that others may be drawn to Him through how we live. This is a
humbling thought!
Secondly, being different can attract both good responses and bad responses. 1 Corinthians 2:15
describes us as being an aroma of life to some and the smell of death to others. Some people are
attracted, but there are those that are confronted by our difference and hate it and respond
accordingly. It can be hard, but its worth it.
What does different look like for you this week?

New Sermon Series
This coming week we will move on to getting to know Jesus by exploring the gospel of Mark. We
encourage you to read the first chapter ahead of our service on Sunday. If you can, read the whole
book! It’s fast paced and easy to read.

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