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Seasons of change

seasons of change
16 March 2023

Leaving the warmth of my house and getting into my car in the morning I am experiencing that first
hint of winter's approach. I need my jacket with me and the amount of dew on the grass and the
windshield is heavy and reminds me that the seasons are changing. The tomatoes are starting to curl
their leaves slightly not liking the touch of cold and the courgettes have bid adieu until next summer.
Like gardens, we experience changes in our seasons of life. Whether it’s a move from single to
married, without children to with children or like me have moved into adulthood. When there have
been significant changes in our personal lives or health, separation from loved ones. Maybe it's not a
change in personal circumstances but an activity we were doing which brought so much pleasure
and ‘fed’ us has turned into a time when it no longer seems to be ‘hitting the mark’. There should
always be space to grieve the loss of that which has been valued, loved even.
Our challenge though is how to come before God in these changes and ask of Him, what is it He now
requires of us. To learn how to remain a disciple, imitating Him and His love for the Father in the
new space that we inhabit. Our Helper, the Spirit sent to guide us helps us to recognise His voice and
His presence in the new space.
And while my garden is no longer giving me marrows, I see feijoa and apples ripening on trees. There
are two passionfruit on my vine. And I am learning how to see God’s hand in my current season of
life, and respond to the new things He is leading me into.


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