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Rocking the Rapids

28 March 2023

Life for the Hutchinson family this week looks quite different from normal. Sadly, Colleen’s mother passed away early Sunday morning.  Colleen and I will be in Auckland for a few days this week and back on Sunday. We’d appreciate your prayers for the whole family as we navigate the turbulent waters this week and next.

Speaking of water - on Sunday morning, Ken Whyte led worship. And of course, he brought his kayak into church and sat in it. It was a bit of a roller coaster ride for those watching as he wobbled around (losing his notes over the side) and described the rapids he and Pauline went down on their adventure.

The interesting thing about rapids is that once you’re going down them, you are going to keep going whether you want to or not!  Whether you curl up in a ball in the bottom of the boat, or actively steer, or argue with your canoe buddy, you WILL keep going. It’s HOW you will navigate them that’s important.

Life is like that – and life with Christ is really like that! The river of life throws a lot of different scenarios our way – good, bad, exhilarating – and through them all, we are called to focus on the one who guides us in how to behave and react in every situation. The moment we take our eyes off him, things can get scary, and usually go wrong.  So many people do not have Jesus as a guide, and so the world can seem to be an extremely life-threatening set of rapids.

So, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus this week – whether we are going through rapids or calm – and be an example for others who may be looking for a guide!


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