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jesus our living hope
7 December 2022

Advent is a time of waiting, of entering into the wait of Israel for a time when Messiah would come.
And in the sermon last week I spoke about waiting a while with Mary, being with her in her
confusion and her fear before we get to her capitulation. God accorded her personal agency within
the exchange with Gabriel - able to ask questions, to make an informed decision as part of her
consent. I am sure that this conversation came back to her as a very real hope time and again during
her ensuing pregnancy and while mothering this new babe.

At this time of year more than any other we are constantly pulled from all sides. Demands on our
time, our money, our energy come from every side. It’s easy to lose the meaning of Advent and
Christmas and be pulled into the cacophony of the season.

I encourage you to pause at times in the next few weeks and stay focused on the very real hope that
we experienced when the Spirit first came to us and revealed our salvation – that is Jesus. That hope
is a living hope that continues to help propel us forward. Likewise, the grace we experienced when
we first entrusted our lives to Jesus is the same grace that we are able to enter into as we enquire of
God what it is He requires of us, as the Spirit gives us direction and purpose today. A time of waiting
is a time of reflecting back to the start of our new life with Christ.

God has given us all personal agency and by the Spirit, Living Hope to answer our questions and still
our fears. Wait, remember and stay focused on our Living Hope this season.


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