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Happenings at the hutch

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9 October 2021

One thing Colleen often says to me when surprising events occur is “this hasn’t caught God by surprise!” It’s a great reminder that while we may be tossed about by the waves, Christ remains master of the storm – and we are called to respond by taking a breath, stepping back, and giving our situation to Christ, who quite likes wandering about on stormy seas with his friends.

This week, we must also respond to new alert level 2 guidelines. Gatherings of 50 people brings a new set of complexities we need to consider. We want to respond in such a way that we retain what is working well, take advantage of new opportunities and put our efforts into caring for our whole community – letting no-one fall through the cracks – and so dance with Christ on the waves rather than run around like mad chickens.

So, what’s up with church this week?

We have decided to ease into this new season in stages.  We want to ensure that those who want to worship face to face have the opportunity to do so well, but that those who want to continue connecting and worshipping together online can also do that.

Sunday Service

This week will still be a ZOOM service at 10am, but with a difference.

  1. The service will be run from church, with a small group of people joining to help us ‘test our tech’.
  2. Our focus will be on doing what we can to have a great ZOOM service from church that meaningfully connects both those in the building with those online.

An email will be sent this week with the ZOOM details as per usual.

Next week – we will aim to expand to a gathering of 50 and consider adding other methods for connecting.


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