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Happenings at the hutch

15 October 2021

As I look out on our landscape today, it is a miserable, wet and cold one! And it influences how I behave! We have all learned that this is the same for the wider social landscape in which we are situated – it changes – sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtle. And as we observe it, we change the way we behave and live in response.

Sometimes we respond out of fear, sometimes apathy, sometimes anticipation. As a community of God we are called to discern where Christ is at work and then adapt our behaviour and respond to what we hear and see. It is camp-at-church month and having been led by Colleen to explore who we are as individuals and as a church family – in Christ, we now move to explore the landscape we are in and discern how we should respond. This week, I invite you to come to church prepared to both talk about “where are we?” and to visualize it creatively together! Think about our community and how you would describe the landscape or communities we are in right now, ready to have fun with sand.

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