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personal faith in community
27 October 2022

Christianity is a faith where we enjoy having a personal transformative relationship with a living God, which is then worked out in community.

But what does that mean?  Well, because of the work of Jesus – his life, death and resurrection, and through our Helper, the Holy Spirit, we can now come into a relationship where we can both speak to and hear from our amazing Creator God. Through the gift of Jesus, we have someone whom we can relate to and who we know understands our humanness intimately. A God who cares about us deeply and personally, who continues to work in us and through us as we live out our calling to be people ‘made in His image’. 

But this is far from being simply a call to personal righteousness. As we have seen throughout the book of Micah, Micah the prophet continued to accuse not just individuals of sin and unrighteousness, but of the greater systems that allowed injustice to continue.  Just as Micah warns ALL of Israel of what the consequences are for failing to live out their calling as a covenant people, he shares the hope for the whole community of what life will look like at the time when the Messiah comes in fullness to put things right.

This Sunday, we get the privilege to see this in action as we join to celebrate the sacrament of baptism. Baptism is one of the ways Jesus calls us to personally declare our obedience to Him and to identify with Him in His life, death, and resurrection.  Yet, it is not done privately, it is done publicly as an expression of faith in Christ and belonging to His church.
A personal transforming faith that is worked out in community.


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