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jesus our example
12 October 2022

Jesus is such a great example to us on how to be. How to be just, how to be
merciful, how to be worshipful, how to be obedient, how to set boundaries and
maintain self-care practices.
Wait. What? Jesus practiced self-care? Yep. And as image bearers of God and
imitators of Jesus, self-care is something that we must all do. Now, I am not
saying that we shouldn’t give of ourselves sacrificially, or that the laying down
of one’s needs for another isn’t called for. If you’ve never experienced seasons
like that then come and see me – let’s see if we can’t see where God is calling
you to experience sacrificial love. But if you are only ever giving out sacrificially
without caring for yourself then you are not imitating Jesus or reflecting the
love of God for you as his child.
So, how do you practice self-care? There are so many ways. If you can’t think
of any, then once again, I invite you to come and speak to me. I would love to
explore some self-care practices with you. But if we look to Jesus as our
example, throughout his ministry we see his rhythms of self-care: taking
himself off somewhere to be by himself and seeking refreshment in the
company of God the Father and the Spirit; taking time to cook breakfast with
his beloved disciples, eating; coming to God with his anguish instead of
pretending it wasn’t there; gathering people around him when he needed
support and comfort. Let’s be true disciples of Jesus, imitating his example to
29  After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their
body, just as Christ does the church—  30  for we are members of his body. (Eph


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