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kitwe zambia
29 September 2022

As you read this, I’ll be somewhere on the long journey home from Kitwe, Zambia.  And so wraps up two weeks in which I have seen God at work in many ways, through many people, expressed in many languages, and through the eyes of many cultures.  

This trip was especially meaningful to me as I recently submitted my resignation from my role as senior director of global capacity for Prison Fellowship International, which will take effect from the end of December.  I was viewing the interactions and the people from our teams around the world through different eyes, and marvelling at how God has expanded His Kingdom in the darkest places on earth – prisons – to the point where 1 million men and women in prison, and over half a million children every year are interacting with a representative of Christ.  We read in Micah the call to do justice, to love mercy, to walk humbly before God. These people are living and breathing this call, and I have been privileged to work among them.

I visited about 5 families here in Zambia today. At the last family’s home, a tall young man in his early 20’s came to greet me with a big smile. A big rough hand shook mine and he said, “Hello Adam, I am a farmer”.   He was one of the first children in our program launched 8 years ago.  He was a young man we also sponsored – he had had some rough teen years. But here he was, providing for his family in the place of his father, working as a trained farmer. 

Do not despise the day of small beginnings. Do not get tired of doing what is right. For after a while…

This was a God smile.


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