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Happenings at the Hutch

21 September 2022

I’m enjoying the book of Micah. I am an unashamed history buff, so I love taking time to read and
learn what was happening within Israel’s society at the time these words were spoken. When we do
that, we realise that these messages weren’t spoken into a vacuum. Real life problems were
occurring, society was neither reflecting God’s true character to the nations nor were individuals
being the true images of God that they were created to be.
So, enter the prophets. Whether by stage right or stage left, these men and women were a
mouthpiece for God. While the imagery that they use can be quite terrifying at first glance, I am so
thankful we have these amazing books. Through their words, we find a God who isn’t content to
leave us to the consequences of our sinful desires but sends us warning of the dangers to come and
calls us back to worship Him. And ultimately, we find Him as He was then, is now and will continue
to be, a God who loves us so much that He remains intimately concerned and involved with our
lives. In the macro and the micro – within our society and in us personally.
As we continue through this series, I hope that by the Spirit you find these words of God given to us
through the prophet Micah have the power to transform you and give you joy. That through the lens
of these words you see the promise and hope we have in the resurrected Christ Jesus as we seek to
do justice, love goodness and walk humbly before our God.


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