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26 November 2021

A few weeks ago I made the remark that eternity doesn’t start in the future, it has already started.  Likewise, mission doesn’t just happen in far off lands. For many people it starts at home before a foot has been set outside the door and from there continues to far flung regions.

As we give to the advancement of God’s kingdom, whether near or far, we acknowledge that all mission is God’s no matter where it is. The two opportunities of our Christmas Offering reflects this dualism of missions.

Local: PYDT Contribution towards Youth Worker Hours Casebrook Intermediate
Our community faces many difficulties, and children and youth are often our most vulnerable.  The work being done through the PYDT at the LOOP centre and in schools is invaluable in coming alongside these young people, equipping them and supporting them as they go. We would love to be able to give a sizeable donation towards Youth Work at Casebrook Intermediate.

International: Hope International School Shade Canopy for Playground
Hope International School Siem Reap are in need of a canopy to shade a beautiful playground for the children that was created by school parents. This is important in a town where there is very little in the way of playgrounds. However, with the heat, the playground is too hot to use come lunchtime. So the school is seeking to raise US$3,000 (approx NZ$4,500) to cover part of the playground and the grass area, so the children can play safely. We would love to be able to assist them in their goal, which we know from personal experience benefits not just those at the school but also children of homeschooling missionaries and the wider community.

Please make sure that any extra giving to these is clearly marked Christmas Offering.


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