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Happenings at the Hutch

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12 August 2022

Last week we heard Adam share about the importance of mutual humility as a foundation when partnering with people and organisations to bring about effective change and spotlight the kingdom of God.

This week we look at what it means to whakarongo, to listen, sense. It seems like such a simple thing doesn’t it? But how many of you reading this have had times when you have shared with people, used all of the words you have to convey your situation but have come away feeling that you have not been truly heard? Listening is so much more than just hearing the words, to be an active listener is to commit to being fully in the moment with the person you are listening to, to respect them enough to know what they say has value; if only for them at that moment. It means doing the mahi needed to go beyond what is being spoken to understand what is trying to be communicated.

Jesus was such a great example of this.  As we read through the gospels we see him engaging with people, using questions to tease out their understandings, their fears and worries.  He often used elements of their answers in his own reply to them.  He sought to understand and meet them where they were, in a way they understood.

This week, in our interactions with God, and with others, I pray that we are each able to experience the great peace and comfort that comes with knowing we have been listened to and truly heard. And that we are able to help others experience peace and comfort as we listen to and seek to truly hear them.


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