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bartimaeus the lifter of my head
29 June 2022
As I sit here in my little office at PBC looking out of the window this cold Tuesday morning, I see a grey sky and a cold bleak looking day, wet asphalt and equally wet cars all parked in their spots. I have to search for evidence of wind as the leaves that would let me know are no longer on the trees, they are barren and bare.  If I just kept my focus locked on that sight I would think that the day was bleak indeed. 
But there is another scene happening too, the cars are all there because Mainly Music is on.  There is singing and laughing and squealing that I can hear through the walls. Mums and Dads are connecting with others going through the same stage of life, volunteers are pouring cups of tea, holding bubs a plenty while parents with too tired arms are able to enjoy a cup of something hot.
I am reminded that we are so influenced by what we see before us. When we see troubles and sorrow it often affects our perception of all of life and we find it difficult to remember a discipline of thankfulness.  Equally in times of great joy we can forget the paths of hardship that others are walking down and neglect opportunities to care.
Whatever the scene that you are looking out on today, I pray that God will widen your vision to include what He wants you to see, and more importantly that He will be centre stage. Sometimes the ‘lifter of my head’, wishes to ease our weariness and restore our standing, sometimes to bring our focus onto a new scene…. but sometimes, I think to just lovingly look at us and have us gaze back, fully focused on Him.  

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