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Happenings at the Hutch

the lockwood
10 June 2022

As we move forward on our journey as a church, you will observe a common theme of “building bridging connections”. This is going to be an important part of who we are and what we do. It’s about finding ways to engage with the community surrounding our church by meeting felt needs, and in ways that give people the opportunity to enter into relationship with people who love Christ. It will require creativity, courage, and commitment to do this, but it’s where we will see the Holy Spirit move with power!

The Lockwood home we were generously given, and then has been made into a home by the incredible generosity of those in our church whānau is going to be one way we build bridging connections over the next 3-5 years, “a home from which the community is blessed, into which the community is welcomed and served, and through which people experience Christ in relationship with his people.” After church last Sunday about 30 people gathered to hear our thoughts for how to use the Lockwood to build connections into the community.

Adam Hutchinson

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