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7 April 2022

Changes to Requirements for Gatherings:

Adam and I have been so encouraged to see how people at PBC have expressed love of their neighbour in this time by following recommended public health guidelines even though it has been difficult at times. Changes coming into effect from 5th April 2022 means that vaccine pass requirements were removed from places of worship for gatherings of large groups (up to 200 people inside). With the high rate of adherence to public health recommendations within our congregation and significant transmission occurring within the community there remains little benefit from operating under the vaccine pass system. As such vaccine passes will no longer be required to attend our Sunday gatherings from 5th April. With larger numbers now able to gather, registering for attendance is no longer necessary. We can’t wait to see you!

A Reminder to Pray without Ceasing:

There is so much happening in the world that should be causing us to cry out to God. Not that God needs us to tell Him what is happening in His world or have His arm twisted to act - He is deeply active, involved and aware already. Two quick thoughts. Firstly, just as God has charged us to spearhead His kingdom here on Earth in the natural: the doing, declaring and bringing about what is right, so God invites us, through prayer, to participate in spiritual transformation in the same way. By doing prayer and declaring prayerfully what is right we are given the opportunity to bring about what is right at a spiritual level. How and why? Much more studied people than me have declared this a mystery. Secondly, I can thank God though that He continues to call us to Himself in this manner because as we pray and seek God’s will, we ourselves are changed and become more recognisably made in His image. Prayer brings both outward and inward change.

Colleen Hutchinson

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