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Give Yourself Some Slack eh?

9 aug
10 August 2023

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I sanctified you (set you apart).” Jeremiah 1:5

Personality is a funny thing.  I’ve often spoken to people who think negatively about aspects of their personality.  Perhaps they don’t like the way they act without thinking things through, are a bit too exuberant, or don’t like to take risks or can’t remember facts, or find it hard to focus, or they get emotional, or perhaps the opposites of all those things.

It seems that we naturally look at the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like and fail to recognize that the things we do like, would not be possible if those other things were not so!

I am fairly creative. I like to sing, draw, create, write, play music, dream, take risks, and make connections between things I observe and draw conclusions from them.  

I like those things. But unfortunately, it seems that the flip side is that I have difficulty retaining facts, or thinking about every consequence, or even staying focused on something through to the end. That used to frustrate me (I know it can frustrate others!), and I have worked on alleviating some. But I have come to realize that if those things weren’t there, then the good things God has built in me may not be possible.  So, I accept and adapt to them, and am thankful for having people around me who know me and offset them.

So, this week, celebrate those things about your personality that God has formed in you that bring joy and life to yourself and others.  And give yourself a bit of slack about those things that you may not like – because they may come as part of the package!


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