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For Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed. 1 Corinthians 5:7

passover lamb
22 February 2024
Author Scott Hahn writes, “I consider Lent a mercy, because it reminds me of where I was, how far I’ve come—and how much further God wants me to go!”

This has resounded with me this week as I have been reading Exodus Ch 11 and 12 along with focusing on this season of Lent, the 40 day lead up to Easter. The first Passover must have been such a strange and fraught experience. The Hebrew slaves learning to trust as they are given strange instructions to save them from the last plague sent against Egypt. Then they were instructed to keep performing this ritual every year as a reminder of what they had been saved from, how far they had come and how much they still yearned for the coming of the Lord.

Jesus entered Jerusalem at the time of the Passover, giving us the new ritual of communion at the Passover meal. 2000 years later we keep performing this ritual now knowing that the original Passover was but a foreshadowing of Jesus, our perfect Passover Lamb. No longer are we slaves hidden behind lintels brushed with blood, we are now hidden in Him. His blood our salvation.

I can look back at where I was before I knew Him, be grateful for how far He has brought me by His grace and look forward with curiosity at where He will lead. But I can follow in confidence because I follow the God who leads to the Promised Land. I read these Exodus stories and know that they are my stories, that the story of the tribes of Israel is my story as I have been folded by grace into God’s story. And He’s a great author!

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