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1 june
2 June 2023

This week Adam and I have had the privilege of being with over 70 other Baptist leaders from around the Upper South Baptist Association. We got to hear some amazing stories of gospel renewal happening in places from as far away as Picton and Timaru, Motueka and Blenheim.

They, in turn, got to hear of the wonderful gospel renewal that is happening in our neighbourhoods as we, the church here in Papanui, participate with Christ in the continuing work of bringing about His kingdom. They got to hear of the great news of teens who are hungry for what the world can’t give them, a place of grace, acceptance, love and a status that can never be harmed – that as a child of God. They got to hear of how Jesus is wooing people back to Him, giving them hope of a world restored, or justice being done for all and a kingdom never ending. They got to hear of how people have been inspired by the Spirit through the word of God and are speaking up about injustice that they see being inflicted on others and they got to hear of some of the creative ways people are revealing God through the beauty of music, photography, drama and song. Of people inspired to learn more about God and learning how His word reveals the loving way He draws us all into His story.

When we combine our individual glimpses of God all together, we get to see a magnificent panorama of what God is doing in us and through us inspiring us on. Looking forward to hearing some of your inspiring stories on Sunday!


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