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7 September 2023

Last Sunday we celebrated our togetherness in Christ through experiences of baptism, membership and communion.

These church life events usually happen as part of a larger gathering. How then, do we unite together in smaller groups, or in the twos and threes? Is there a need? Well, last question first – yes! Just as our triune godhead Father, Son and Spirit are united in a beautiful ever-giving, ever-receiving way, we too as Jesus’ church are designed to reflect that ever-giving, ever-receiving relationship with one another to the world.  How can we participate in church life in a way to reflect that in these more intimate ways?

Three different ways come immediately to mind:

Small groups: a way to get to know people more deeply as you journey through life in Christ together. Small groups are often where needs are met well before I as a pastor have been made aware of them!

Ministry teams: working together with a team of people to meet specific needs and objectives. As well as giving out, teams can be a great place of support and encouragement.

Mentoring/discipling relationships: one on one relationships that seek to bring Jesus to the fore of our lives, these sorts of relationships can bring accountability, prayer support and wisdom into our lives.  Our catch-up over coffee culture can encompass this activity well.

Whatever your age my encouragement to us all is to think on the relationship model of Father, Son and Spirit. Ever giving. Ever receiving. We need to be sure we are doing both. Ever giving and never receiving leaves us dried up and burnt out. Ever receiving and never giving leave us like a stagnant pond, God’s life is designed to flow as a river. When we get church life right, we are like that lamp on a hill, a beacon of the hope of Jesus to the world.


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