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Awesome young people

18 October 2023

We have an awesome group of young people who fellowship and connect with our faith community through the Y@P programmes as well as in our Sunday services.  We also have an awesome group of Y@P leaders who have built tremendous relationships with them as they teach them why Jesus is relevant to this generation and model what being a disciple looks like in their personal contexts.

Adam and I had the great opportunity to attend Y@P last week for an ‘Ask a Pastor Anything’ evening. These are the questions we were asked:

How do you forgive someone?
Are there times when you've struggled to have faith?
Why is sex saved for marriage?
How do we know which water is good for us when there are so many different kinds?
(Y@P have been going through a series of looking at the ‘water’ the world gives us vs the ‘living water’ God gives us.)

How would you answer those questions? Are there examples from your own lives that you could draw on in framing responses? In the coming weeks, Adam and I will share some thoughts on those questions. In the meantime, I would encourage you to continue to pray for what Jesus is doing in our communities and in our rangatahi. I was so impressed with their genuine desire to learn more about God and His desire for them. As well as put their learning into action!
And if you haven’t introduced yourself to some of these awesome people, don’t forget to cross the room and introduce yourself.  You’re in for a treat! 


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