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And because we are his children...

galatians 4v6
9 March 2023

Yesterday was the 18th birthday of my youngest, but tallest, child.

When we first had children, I had said to Adam that my main aims were to get them all to 18 years with no major addictions (sugar doesn’t count in this instance), no strange piercings and no spur of the moment tattoos. 

And now, suddenly, I find that I have done that.  And more! I have three wonderful children that I admire as I watch them navigate their way through life. As I ponder on parenting, I ponder on the name of God that I have learnt from Jesus, that of Abba, Father.

God, we know is Spirit, neither male or female.  But we humans seem to need a labelling system, a need that God knew so well that He set Adam to science and gave him the task of taxonomy, the naming of things. The name Abba, our Father, though, expresses the aspect of the nature of God that seeks to relate to us as a parent: as guide, as protector, as provider.  It carries connotations of being intimately involved in and wanting to be involved with us, His children.  This week as you reflect on Jesus and the love that the Father has for Him think also on how you too, by the Spirit have been adopted into the sonship and are loved by the Good Father. What are you doing this week as you navigate life that He will admire and celebrate with you as your father?


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