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A Tale of Two Kittens...

4 October 2023

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… least that is what I am sure my two cats were thinking. You see, the Hutchinson household is currently facing a bit of unrest. One of our cats is twice the cat he should be and has been put on a special diet, much to his chagrin. The other is just right but feeding time now involves a human in the middle of the two bowls ready to deal with any raiding parties.

I was feeding them yesterday, or rather just one of them – one had finished his allotment. While I was standing by the one eating making sure he didn’t get his food stolen, the other just kept looking at my hands with an expression I took to being of shocked bewilderment that I wasn’t putting food down for him as well. “I know you’re not happy but it’s really the best for you, and there’s only two hours to wait until you can have some more,” I told him while pulling him hissing off the back of the other………..

You can only take analogies so far, but I was taken with how that picture can be like us when we don’t get the answer to prayer we desire. We are confused, bewildered. Surely God sees our distress? Surely He’s not happy with our suffering? God though has a much larger understanding of what’s at work in our lives. He sees the long-term consequences, may even have different priorities for what needs working out in our lives and character so that we reflect more His true nature.

What is vastly different between God and us than my cats and I is that we have been sent the Holy Spirit, bringing the personal presence of Jesus to us.  Whether we are aware or not, the Spirit is present and active in our lives, revealing, creating, transforming and renewing.  Pulling us into the eternal love that the Father shares with the Son and the Spirit which is now shared with us who call Him Abba.

Ultimately, He knows what is best for us even if that might be an empty bowl for now….


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